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Welcoming Autumn's Colours and Winter's Chill: A Creative Journey Through the Seasons

Hand-drawn skeletal witch in black ink, accentuated with blue and orange, stirs a pot of orange soup with two skeletons inside as their ghosts attempt to escape. by Foeshel

Hi everyone! As the seasons change and we bid farewell to the warm embrace of summer, I find myself eagerly welcoming the start of fall and the gradual transition into winter. While many folks are partial to the vibrant colours of spring and the warmth of summer, I love the colourful display of fall and the cold kiss of winter.

In this time of year, thick sweaters become our second skin, and the once gentle breeze begins to bear the chilly breath of winter. It's during these moments, as I pedal my daughter to school on our trusty bike, that I relish the anticipation of winter's arrival. The summer's green colours change to yellow, orange, red, and brown as the fall air carries away the leaves.

A Season of Creativity:

During this transition, while nature becomes more dormant, I feel like I just wake up creatively. It's a paradox, I admit. While all around me seems to be winding down, preparing for slumber, I find myself invigorated by the season's embrace. My mind feels rejuvenated, and my senses have sharpened. Perhaps it's the juxtaposition of life's cyclicality, where endings become beginnings, that fuels my creative spirit.

The Cold Embrace:

And oh, how I adore the cold! I love the feeling of stepping outside and feeling the cold kiss of winter on my cheek. But when I go back inside, the warmth of my home just embraces me like a loving hug. The contrast between the brisk outdoors and the comforting indoors is a feeling I cherish.

detail of a Hand-drawn skeletal witch in black ink, accentuated with blue and orange, stirring a pot with two skeletons inside as their ghosts attempt to escape.

The Joyous Holidays:

With the start of fall comes the anticipation of holidays, which I really love. First in line is Halloween, a festival of spookiness and imagination. Then comes Sinterklaas, a beloved Belgian-Dutch celebration bearing a resemblance to Santa Claus, followed by the heart-warming traditions of Christmas. New Year's Eve, while not my personal favourite, marks the transition into a fresh beginning.

The Birthdays:

But it doesn't end there. After those festivities, we celebrate our birthdays—first, mine, which I hold with a sense of indifference, and then my daughter's, which is always a big party because she loves it so much to be with others. By the time we celebrate my wife's special day, the promise of spring is already in the air, awaiting its moment to bloom.

Creating Traditions:

Every season, I draw an illustration on our front window—a small yet heartfelt gesture to wish our neighbours well during their daily comings and goings. It's a way of saying, "Enjoy your spring, summer, and the changing seasons." When October rolls around, I ask my daughter what she wants on the window for Halloween this year. Her answer was simple: a witch, a skeleton, and a ghost.

White posca marker depiction on a window of a skeletal witch stirring a pot with two skeletons inside as their ghosts attempt to escape by Foeshel

The Birth of an Illustration:

Her simple request sparked a visual, leading to a drawing of a witch cooking two skeletons as their ghosts tried to escape. This had my creative juices flowing because, when that was finished, I ran upstairs and made an adapted illustration of the same idea

A Seasonal Toast:

Winter is coming, I hope you all are also looking forward to the winter festivities, I extend my warmest wishes to you all. May you find joy in the changing seasons, and perhaps, like me, discover unexpected bursts of creativity in the midst of nature's transformation.

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