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The Monster in the Screen: Questioning the Information We Consume

Black and white illustration depicting a monstrous creature with tentacles perched atop a television, manipulating and invading the mind of a man whose image appears on the screen. The man's eyes are forcibly held open by the tentacles, revealing a brain connected to the monster, symbolizing the manipulation of information and the importance of questioning media sources.

As an artist, I often find inspiration in everyday conversations and observations. Recently, I created an eerie black and white illustration that speaks to the importance of questioning the information we receive from various sources.

The Illustration:

The drawing features a malicious monster perched on top of a television set, its tentacles reaching around and inside the TV. A man's head is on the tv screen his eyes are pulled open by the tentacles. His scalp is removed, his brain is exposed and connected to the creature. The expression on the monster is malice, and the man's is fear.

The Inspiration:

During a chat I had with a colleague, we discussed a public figure, which sparked the creation of this illustration. My coworker asserted a "fact" about this person that sounded far-fetched and, upon further research, proved to be false. The source of the misinformation was a mainstream media outlet that had insinuated the idea, allowing it to take root without factual backing.

The Message:

The core message I want to convey through this artwork is that people need to be aware of the "monster" feeding them information. We should question the biases and filters through which we receive information, especially when it comes to news sources. It's crucial to be critical of the information we consume and not blindly accept everything we hear.

Drawing Parallels: The Ministry of Truth

A relevant reference to consider is the Ministry of Truth from George Orwell's "1984." Although we may not be living in such a dystopian reality just yet, it's essential to stay vigilant and recognize the potential dangers of allowing information to be manipulated. By being aware of the intentions and biases behind the information we consume, we can maintain our ability to think critically and independently.

In Conclusion:

My hope with this drawing is that people recognize the importance of questioning information they receive and to be aware of the potential for manipulation. By doing so, we can work towards a more informed and discerning society, less susceptible to the influence of the metaphorical "monster" in the screen.

Just because something is presented as fact does not always mean it is true

Always question, investigate, and think critically about the information you consume. The power to discern truth from fiction lies within each of us.

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