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Story time: Gather 'Round the Digital Campfire

Hand-drawn black and white ink collage with a vampiric warlock holding vials of blood, a soldier with a rifle, and a married couple looming over them.

Hi all, to our virtual campfire. As the digital flames dance and flicker, casting an ethereal glow upon the night, I invite you to pull up a virtual log, find your comfy digital spot, and let the warmth of camaraderie embrace you. It's time for a story.

The Soldier and the Vampire: A Tale of Valor

In a time long past, within a realm veiled in mystical folklore, lived a courageous soldier. His arduous journey led him back to his homeland, where a dear friend, the village miller, resided. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting shadows that concealed the unknown, the two friends gathered by a welcoming hearth to exchange tales.

But as the night enveloped them, a palpable shift occurred. The miller's cheerful demeanour gave way as fear engulfed his face. He spoke of a malevolent force that haunted their village, a vampiric warlock. This sinister creature rose from the grave, sowing fear among the villagers under the cloak of night. Dread clung to even the bravest souls.

This didn't frighten the soldier, who, bound by duty and strengthened by valor, was more certain to continue his voyage. His path led him through the village graveyard, where an eerie and unsettling sight awaited—a blazing fire atop one of the graves. Driven by curiosity, he approached, discovering the vampiric warlock seated beside the fire, engaged in an unholy task.

The soldier greeted the warlock, initiating a conversation that would take a chilling turn. The warlock extended an invitation to a nearby wedding, which seemed to be a celebration like no other. However, as the night unfolded, the warlock's nefarious intentions became clear.

He revealed a dreadful secret—he had stolen the lifeblood of the bride and groom, an act that would condemn them to eternal slumber. Only the warlock possessed the knowledge to awaken them. The soldier, quick-witted and resolute, listened intently, committing the warlock's vampiric dark arts to memory, all the while feeding the warlock's ego with compliments.

The warlock boasted of his powers, claiming invincibility save for specific circumstances—a pyre of aspen wood, a hundred loads high, would be his doom. He warned of the vile creatures and malevolent spirits that would escape from his vampiric form upon death unless they were captured and consigned to the fiery abyss. But when he blurted this out he looked at the soldier knowing he had said too much.

Their inevitable clash was brutal and relentless, pushing the soldier to the brink of exhaustion. Salvation arrived unexpectedly—the crowing of vigilant roosters and a rising sun. The warlock ran to his grave and fell lifeless, and the soldier seized the stolen phials of lifeblood.

With unwavering resolve, he resurrected the bride and groom, replacing despair with joy. But the vampiric warlock's malevolence could not be left unchecked. Alongside the villagers, they constructed a colossal pyre of aspen wood, and the remains of the vampiric warlock were committed to the inferno. From the ashes arose tranquility, and the soldier was hailed as a hero.

In time, the soldier returned to his homeland, his pockets filled with wealth earned through service to the Tsar. He retired, living a life of contentment, knowing that he had confronted and vanquished the darkest of vampiric adversaries.

The Inspiration:

Now, let me share what inspired our illustration—the enduring elements of this story. A young couple, innocence at its core, faced with a malevolent presence, a vampiric warlock, and defended by a valiant soldier—a powerful testament to the triumph of good over evil.


As we sit by the digital campfire, this tale reminds us that courage, unity, and community can vanquish even the most insidious darkness. In todays world, with its uncertainties and how quickly everything is changing, we must stand together, confront our fears and stand against the shadows that threaten our peace and

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