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Sailing into New Horizons: Reflecting on a Year of Artistic Journeys

Illustration of a girl and a cat in a rowboat, symbolically sailing away from an island representing the end of the year, towards the adventure of the new year. by Foeshel


As we bid farewell to this year, I find myself reflecting on the journey it has been, both personally and creatively. The illustration accompanying this post, depicting my daughter and our cat in a rowboat sailing away from an island, is a symbolic farewell to the year gone by and a hopeful gaze toward the new one. It's about carrying memories and lessons into the future and navigating the vast sea of possibilities.

A Year of Unexpected Turns:

The year kicked off with a jarring start: my Facebook was hacked, and I lost my Instagram account. This was more than a technical setback; it was a harsh reminder of the precarious nature of relying solely on big platforms. This incident, though bitter, was a catalyst for a significant shift in my focus—toward nurturing my own site and exploring new avenues like TikTok.

Growth and New Connections:

Despite the initial setback, the year unfolded with promising developments. My venture into TikTok led to unexpected growth and the joy of meeting new people. The platform's dynamic nature sparked a different kind of creativity in me, leading to engaging content and fresh inspiration.

Creative Fulfillment:

Creatively, this year has been immensely satisfying. The structure of my blog has evolved into a space I cherish deeply—a haven for elaborating on my ideas, the inspirations behind my illustrations, and more importantly, a place for introspection and sharing these thoughts with you. I'm particularly proud of the 5-part drawing series that delves into societal issues.

Navigating Creative Blocks:

Towards the year's end, I encountered a creative block—a period where ideas ceased to flow and my drawing table remained untouched. However, this phase of inertia birthed a short film about creative block, a 3-minute, 16-second piece that rekindled my creative flame. It was a reminder that sometimes, in our quietest moments, new paths unfold.

Gratitude and Support:

This journey would have been arduous without the constant support of my family and friends. Their belief in me, even in moments of doubt, has been the wind in my sails, pushing me forward through calm and stormy seas alike.

Looking Ahead with Hope:

As I sail into the new year, my heart is filled with hope and anticipation. I carry with me the warmth of my family, the strength of friendships, and an unbridled passion for creativity. Here's to a year ahead filled with art, inspiration, and growth. What memories and lessons are you taking with you as you sail into the new year? I invite you to share in this journey of reflection and anticipation.

What memories will you take into next year?

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