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Reviving Monday-Friday Comics: A Look Back at Lambermontmartre's 20th Anniversary

Online web comic I hate mondays, a man holding an axe looking at zombies stating that he hates Mondays. by Foeshel

Hi all,

This weekend was special for Lambermontmartre as it celebrated its 20th year. I was happy to be there. The illustration added above was sold this weekend, and as I was talking to the person who bought it, I was glad because it was going to a good home. Also, if you are reading this as I am posting it, later today I will upload a fun-cut video of the illustration process of this on TikTok account @Foeshel, if you are reading it on a later date it will already be there. While speaking with him, I got reminded of my Monday-Friday comics. This illustration was based on an idea from a while ago that came out of this series. (see below)

Every Monday I would post a comic illustration that would be a fantastical scene, generally bad, and I would state that I hate Mondays. At the end of the week, I would resolve the situation; this would mostly be a humoristic twist on the beginning of the week. It was fun to do, as it sort of was two pieces of storytelling, and the general meat and in-between filling would happen in the reader's mind.

Remembering that I lost my Instagram account due to the Facebook hack in January, I have decided to repost the Monday-Friday comics. These will be added to this blog post. This way I can show them again to new people as they have been deleted by Meta. Also, most of these illustrations were sold. This gathers them all together nice and neatly.

Also I got interviewed by a local news station ATV about Lambermontmartre. The article and interview are in Dutch, so for English-speaking people, it is generally a description of the market itself, and some of my work is shown. You can check out the interview here: Interview Lambermontmartre

Overall, I had a fun time at Lambermontmartre and loved talking to many new people. It's always great to connect with fellow art enthusiasts and artists and share the stories behind my illustrations.

Try to find your Zen moment. See you all next week!

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