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From Loss to Growth: Diversifying My Online Presence

Bijgewerkt op: 31 jan.

an illustration of a mans head opening up and his fantasy is bursting out we see fish in the sky, tentacles and himself falling down into his own head meanwhile being watched by multiple eyes

As an artist, losing my Instagram page felt like losing a part of myself. All those connections and followers, some of whom I met at art fairs and others who started following me on Instagram, are now lost to me. But the show must go on, and with spring comes a new season. The art fairs will start up again. I need to update my marketing materials because they all still refer to my previous Instagram account, and I have a lot of fresh illustrations to show off. New business cards need to be printed as well. Let's just say that there is still work to be done.

To keep everyone up to date on my work, I've set up a Twitter account (@Foeshel) to announce new content and where to find it. I'll also be posting work process videos on TikTok (@Foeshel), where I've even purchased a microphone and plan to speak despite the fear it brings. I'm following my own advice to my daughter that things are scary because they are new or because we need more practice. Both are correct in this instance, so on to new and scary things.

These videos will also be shared on YouTube Shorts (Foeshel). It's a scary time, a new beginning, and another voice calling out in the void of the internet, hoping to be seen. Check out my personal website,, for more blog posts and to see all my new illustrations. And stay tuned for my upcoming newsletter - still figuring out the details on that one!

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