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Monsters Stuck in Your Head: Embracing Growth and Nurturing Curiosity

Illustration of a person with monsters emerging from their head, symbolizing persistent thoughts. This artwork represents the theme of curiosity and growth explored in the accompanying blog. by Foeshel

In this introspective blog post, I want to delve into a personal aspect that both my daughter and I share – the persistence of thoughts or what I like to call "monsters" in our minds. Let me share a recent example. I walked by a couple of tables at my daughter's school, and the vineer on some came lose. It bothered me, and the thought of fixing it kept nagging at me. Little did I know that the universe had its way of affirming this notion when I stumbled upon two kids on the playground calling out about a broken toy. It was as if the universe was echoing my thoughts, urging me to take action not only on the toy but also on the tables. This experience perfectly captures how certain ideas or thoughts stick with us and push us to make a change.

This pattern of thought extends beyond everyday situations and permeates other aspects of my life, including my artistic endeavors. I can have these moments of hyperfocus where new styles of illustration, materials, or techniques, can interest me intensly, but once I have a good gras of them, my interest tends to wane. It's a unique blend of a touch of OCD and an attention disorder, although I must clarify that this is a self-diagnosis taken with a grain of salt.

What's fascinating is that I've noticed similar traits in my daughter. She, too, experiences moments of flourishing and moments of struggle. Advising her to see things differently can be a challenge, as I understand firsthand how difficult it is to let go or comprehend something fully. Curiosity needs nurturing, and she also experiences the side effects – her focus dwindles, and external responses become more challenging. It's as if her mental buffer is constantly brimming with information.

Navigating through these dynamics can sometimes lead to difficult situations, especially for my girlfriend who finds herself in the middle, bridging the gap between two individuals with such similar tendencies. Balancing our unique traits and finding the right words of encouragement can be delicate, but we strive to approach it with patience and understanding.

Lotte will carve her own path at her own pace, and we will be there every step of the way, offering our unwavering support, guidance, and protection. This journey is one of patience, love, and growth, and we embrace it wholeheartedly.

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