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Illustrating the Future: Upcoming Projects and Website Updates for All Ages

Bijgewerkt op: 31 jan.

comic about where we are going trying something new only to get depressed and do the same old. by Foeshel

Hi Everyone,

Today I want to elaborate on the future and share my thoughts, new projects, aspirations, and website updates.

So, whether you're a parent seeking charming children's stories, a young kid captivated by imaginative illustrations, or a teen (or adult!) intrigued by fascinating monsters, let's dive into the adventure that lies ahead! I'm thrilled to announce two new sections on my website dedicated to children's stories and comics! These sections will become more important over time, this is where my hearth is currently invested in, and I hope you'll enjoy exploring them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

Children's Stories: I've found my groove in creating captivating children's stories, and I'm excited to share my progress with you. Currently, my website features one story accompanied by four beautiful illustrations and a four-page poem. Each story I create will have four to five illustrations, depending on the narrative's needs. A second story is already in the works; more on this one soon.


The comics section on my website is a treasure trove of content, and I'm excited to share more about what you can find there now and in the future.

Currently online, you'll discover "Little Wild One," a series of gag comics inspired by my daughter and one of our cats. I have created around 30 of these comics, and I'll be posting them gradually. I don't have any plans to make new ones but I am happy to share the ones I already have.

Another comic you'll find soon is "Game Night," a gag comic I made years ago about my girlfriend and me playing board games, with humorous situations getting out of hand. I've been considering doing a remaster of these comics, but nothing is final yet. I will eventually add these to the comic section for your enjoyment.

"Game Night Adventure" is a long-form comic with over 150 pages, chronicling a new adventure in life. I am my own biggest critic and looking back I would handle this comic differently especially in the writing department. But I do believe that all this is a process so I think I should share this as well. Therefore, I've decided to re-upload "Game Night Adventure" to my website. Instead of adding it weekly, I'll consider uploading it in chapters due to its length. This will be added soon.

Experimenting with "D":

In addition to the new website sections, I am eager to experiment with a darker comic called "D,". The comic is about a mysterious main character who's lost his memories and seeks to unravel his purpose while battling monsters. This comic will be told in smaller, episodic stories, gradually revealing the depths of the protagonist's personality. I hope to captivate and engage readers of all ages with this thrilling new project.

Due to four years of my work disappearing from the internet. I am now sitting on a lot of content to repost. This means I have time and space to experiment with new things. So one of the first things I am eying is the project named “D”. Just to be clear there is no timeline for this yet.

Furthermore, I'd like to share that I plan to utilize the blog section on my website more like my former Instagram. This means that new drawings will be added regularly, making it a space to showcase my latest creations. Sometimes the blog post will contain additional illustrations, while other times it might trigger some thoughts or provide insight into how I created the artwork. There will also be instances where the blog post simply features the illustration itself, offering a visual treat for visitors.

Apart from my love for illustrating, my ultimate dream has always been to make a living through my drawings. While working for animation studios, gaming companies, or advertising agencies might be a more accessible path, I have chosen a different approach.

I want to create and share what I feel through my art, staying true to my creative spirit.

For now, striking a balance between my family, my day job, and my passion allows me to create. This balance helps me stay focused on multiple things but especially my well-being, ensuring that I remain inspired and motivated.

Of course, if I could make a living from all the things I create, I would say, "Where do I sign?”

This would be my preferred state and I am trying to work towards that, but until that day comes, I am committed to a balance between my art and other sources of income.

First of all, thank you for reading this far and showing an interest in my work. My journey so far has taught me how important it is to adapt to the times, especially in a digital age. I do think that old school tactile ways still have strength in this day and age. With all the distractions in the world today I do think that finding that balance between security and a certain freedom is the best way forward for your mental health.

I look forward to showing you all my new illustrations and ideas through my website,, and various social media platforms. Let's embark on this exciting adventure together, embracing the future of Foeshel and its diverse range of children's illustrations, comics, and monsters for all ages!

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