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Illustrated Business Cards and Handmade Card Holder

Bijgewerkt op: 31 jan.

Illustration of a child lost in a forest surrounded by monsters, featured in the 'Illustrated Business Cards and Handmade Card Holder' blog post. Discover the artist's unique business card creation journey. by Foeshel

Hey there!

I wanted to share with you my new business cards that I recently had to create after losing my former social media channels. Since my previous cards had information about those channels, I had to make new ones with updated information. I decided to stick with a square format because it's a style that I love, and the printer I used for my previous cards also offers square cards.

The front of the card features new illustrations, and the back has my contact information. It wasn't the easiest process to get them printed correctly, but I'm glad I got them done in time before the markets started.

I thought I would find a square card holder easily on the internet. Well, it is not as common as I thought. So yesturday evening I decided to make one myself out of some spare wallnut wood I still had laying around. I started working on it late last night but had to pause and finish it up the next day, as people still needed to sleep, of course.

Tomorrow I am experimenting with an inlay, and I'm excited to see how it will turn out. I plan on adding my autograph to it as well, but first, some testing is in order. Check out the pictures below, and let me know what you think!

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