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Discover the Artistic Wonderland: Lambermontmartre Art Fair in Antwerp

recycled and upcycled spray cans into piggy banks with a cork. by Foeshel

This Sunday, June 25th, 2023, marks an exciting day for art enthusiasts and curious minds as the Lambermontmartre Art Fair returns to Antwerp. Set against the stunning backdrop of the Royal Fine Arts Museum, this vibrant art fair will take place on the lively square at Leopold de Waelplaats.

If you've ever wanted to see my art in real life, this is your chance! I invite you to swing by and check out my booth. Everyone is welcome, the art on display is for all ages and tastes.

I'll be setting up my tent at 10 a.m. and showcasing my unique creations until 17 p.m. From captivating original illustrations to innovative recycled spray cans, there will be a diverse range of artwork to explore and hold, and who knows, you might want to take something home with you.

The forecast predicts a hot and sunny day, so be sure to wear your favorite sun hat and comfortable shoes. Come prepared to enjoy a visual feast of creativity and indulge in the vibrant art scene that Antwerp has to offer.

Save the date: Sunday, June 25th, 2023, at Leopold de Waelplaats.

Follow me on TikTok for more video footage of my work and information about it.

See you there!

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