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Creative Currents: Embracing New Directions in My Artistic Journey

Close-up illustration of a young man joyfully splashing into a pool. His head is thrown back in laughter as he embraces the cool water with his arms wrapped around his knees. Dynamic water splashes are artistically rendered, capturing the lively movement and the shimmering light reflections on the vivid blue pool water.

Navigating the evolving landscape of social media as an artist can be as challenging as it is rewarding. While a setback with a hacked Instagram profile a year ago did give me pause, it hasn't dampened my enthusiasm for sharing my passion and projects. The experience served as a poignant reminder of the vulnerabilities inherent in digital spaces, but it also reinforced my resolve to adapt and flourish in other ways.

Vertical illustration capturing a dynamic moment of a person joyfully splashing into a swimming pool. The person is mid-splash, depicted from a side perspective with water dramatically swirling around them. The top section shows the pool’s edge and waterline against a backdrop of a plain wall, emphasizing the depth and perspective of the pool. The vibrant blue water and detailed white splashes enhance the lively and refreshing atmosphere of the scene.

New Ventures and Visual Stories

Currently, my creative energy is being poured into transforming recycled spray cans into piggy banks adorned with original illustrations. This project not only feeds my soul but also aligns with my commitment to sustainability. The intricate process of turning each can into a piece of art is something I’ve been eager to share with you all through videos and possibly short reels. These behind-the-scenes glimpses into my workshop are meant to connect us more deeply and to show the meticulous labour and love that infuse each creation.

YouTube and TikTok: My New Creative Platforms

While I continue to maintain a presence on Instagram, my focus has shifted more towards YouTube and TikTok. These platforms offer different kinds of freedom and interaction that I find exhilarating. YouTube has become a valuable space for sharing longer, more detailed videos of my work and creative process. On TikTok, despite some challenges with music licensing, I've found a lively community eager to engage with quick, visual stories. The dynamic nature of these platforms suits the fast-paced evolution of my artistic ideas.

Managing a Whirlwind of Ideas

With a mind bursting with creative projects, I sometimes find myself wrestling with overstimulation. The desire to dive into everything at once is strong, yet experience has taught me the importance of focus. Channeling my energy into one project at a time ensures each piece receives the attention it deserves, turning potential chaos into a structured, creative flow.

Wide illustration of a woman sitting on the edge of a swimming pool, dipping her legs in the water. She wears a green swimsuit with yellow polka dots and a matching swim cap, and appears relaxed and content. The pool is depicted with dynamic, swirling water in shades of blue, contrasting with the calm, muted brown backdrop of the pool wall. The pool's edge is lined with detailed, dark blue tiles, adding a touch of realism to the scene.

Looking Forward

As I gear up for the upcoming summer art fairs, my days are filled with the quiet focus that comes with crafting each piece. My creative process is predominantly solitary; it begins with a spark of inspiration which gradually forms into an image or an idea. Whether I'm sketching at my desk or constructing something 3D in my shed, the journey from concept to creation is deeply personal and introspective. In between these moments of creation, I capture snippets of my work, filming the process to share with you. While the act of creating is a standalone pursuit for me, sharing these creations adds another dimension. I enjoy seeing your reactions and receiving feedback, though they are not essential to my drive. Whether or not my work finds a home, the joy of creation is sufficient for me. Sharing it is simply a step in the process of letting go, pushing it into the world—some pieces find a home, others don't, and that's perfectly okay.

Thank you for being a part of my artistic path. Stay tuned for more updates, and be sure to check out my latest creations and day-to-day adventures on YouTube and TikTok!

Hand drawn and a digital illustration of a playful moment in a swimming pool. A person, laughing joyously, is depicted mid-splash in the water, with stylized waves arching dramatically around them. Another individual sits on the edge, their legs dipped in the pool, watching the scene with a delighted expression. The water is vividly blue, and the tiles of the pool edge add a realistic touch.

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