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The Steep Mountain of Building an Internet Presence: Bye Instagram, My Experience Losing my Facebook Account

Bijgewerkt op: 31 jan.

Cartoon illustration of a person climbing a mountain of hands representing social media engagement, with some hands grabbing, others giving thumbs up, and a few forming hearts, while the climber has a worried expression

As an illustrator of children's illustrations, darker mature content, and comic art, I've dedicated years to building an online presence across social media platforms. However, my focus on Instagram meant that I didn't invest enough in other channels, which proved to be a vulnerability in the end.

Recently, I suffered a setback that exposed the precariousness of building an internet presence. My Facebook account was hacked, and Facebook's automated system deleted my entire account, including my Instagram profile linked to it. Despite providing evidence of my innocence, I received no response from Facebook's customer support, and all my efforts to create, engage and connect with my audience were wiped out.

This experience left me feeling frustrated and disappointed, knowing that I had not violated any community guidelines but had no means of proving it. The decision was made by Facebook's system, and there was no opportunity for me to appeal.

The experience taught me the importance of diversifying my online presence by investing in other platforms, including my website, TikTok, and YouTube. To better reach my audience and protect my work, I am now putting more effort into these channels.

I hope my experience serves as a reminder to fellow creators to diversify their online presence and avoid relying solely on one platform. Building an online presence is like climbing a steep mountain, and diversification can protect against the risks of losing everything in an instant. So, invest in multiple platforms and stay connected with your audience.

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