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A Season of Gratitude: Snow Angels and Warm Wishes

christmas card of Kevin Lauryssen Foeshel, Lotte and Maya whishing every one happy holidays by Foeshel


As the snow blankets the world in a serene white, wait... oh yeah, it is raining... Well, the sentiment is still the same. It's that magical time, as Christmas draws near, to pause and express my deepest gratitude. Thank you all for coming on this journey with me. I has been an eventful year full of rebuilding. The illustration included is our Christmas card for this year.

A Year in Review:

Last week, I took a moment to review the year—a tapestry of challenges, growth, and creativity. This week, I'm excited to share a more intimate glance at these moments in a longer-form YouTube/TikTok movie. It's a reflection on the past year's journey, the creation of this holiday card, and an exploration of how integral this blog has become to my personal and artistic growth.

The Blog:

The year started out horribly, but I am kind of glad. This made me look at everything once again and reboot it all. I must say that I am super glad about the blog. This has become a space that I fully control and where I can share my illustrations, ideas, inspirations, and aspirations.

New Beginnings on the Horizon:

As we all look forward to the new year, I'm brimming with anticipation for the new projects I've been quietly crafting. I can't wait to share this with you. But for now, it's time for a small interlude as I step away for my yearly 2-week holiday to recharge and revel in the season's festivities.

A Message of Safety and Joy:

I urge everyone to cherish these moments, to find comfort in the warmth of your loved ones, and to spread kindness and cheer. Let's keep safe, bask in the holiday spirit, and embrace the love that surrounds us.


So, as we make our snow angels and look up at the sky, let's remember the wonder that life offers us, in small moments, every day. Happy holidays to you and yours! May your days be merry, bright, and filled with the laughter of loved ones. I will see you soon once my batteries are recharged. Until then, enjoy the holidays, stay safe, and hold your family close.

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