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A Colorful Collaboration: Drawing Inspiration from Reading with My Daughter

Bijgewerkt op: 24 feb.

Illustration of Lotte, a child, lying in bed with her cat Puck, both engrossed in reading 'The Gruffalo.' Lotte's bedroom is bathed in shades of blue, while a magical orange cloud surrounds them, bringing to life the vivid characters from the story. by Foeshel

Inspiration can come from anywhere, but for me, it often comes from my family. This week's illustration was inspired by my daughter and our bedtime reading routine. Last week, when putting my daughter to bed, we read "The Gruffalo," and I made a deal with her that I would read two pages and then she would read two pages. She started to learn how to read this school year, and I was impressed by her fluency, which sparked an idea for a drawing.

I wanted to capture the moment of reading with my daughter, so I started with a small sketch. I loved the fluid motion of the drawing and wanted to translate that to a larger canvas.

Initial red pencil sketch of Lotte and her cat Puck engrossed in reading 'The Gruffalo' in her blue bedroom, surrounded by a vibrant orange cloud depicting the story's characters. by Foeshel

So, I projected the sketch onto a bigger piece of paper using a magnifier. Once I had the right size, I tweaked the drawing where needed and began painting with my trusted Holbein Acryla Gouache paints.

First, what color palette would I use? I wanted to use only two colors in multiple shades: blues for the children's room and yellows and oranges for the images of the Gruffalo coming to life.

The painting process was slower than usual because I wanted to add a lot of details to the illustration. Once a part was done, I added finer details with colored Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils to push the details up a notch.

Kevin Lauryssen enhancing the illustration with intricate details using Polychromos pencils, adding depth and texture to the artwork of Lotte and Puck reading 'The Gruffalo. by Foeshel

I love how this drawing turned out. I love the popping colors. It pushes the imagination in the drawing forward, and it translates the moment I had with my daughter while reading ”The Gruffalo” very well.

Below a video on the thoughts behind this process

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